According to Peter Drucker, “Great wisdom not applied to action and behavior is meaningless data.” All organizations irrespective of big or small face similar challenges in understanding the market. Pleiadez brings to you an exciting way to know about your customers, competitors and also customers of your competitors.

Here we gather relevant information of company’s markets, this information is gathered and analyzed specifically for the purpose of accurate decision making in determining market opportunity and market penetration strategies. We can do marketing intelligence for you in three different aspects.

1.Competitive Landscape

In Competitive Landscape we provide you with insight of your competitive install-base. This includes information about your competitors, competitive partners, category of technology used etc. Additionally, it will give an insight of your competitive customers and similar companies like them.

2.Technology Landscape

Here, we provide Technology Landscape of business enterprise, which can include finding technology landscape of named accounts, types of companies within specific market segments, geographies, etc. Leveraging search technologies, processes and skilled domain experts; Pleiadez can provide you with accurate insights into technology ecosystem , including aspects like hardware, applications, infrastructure, networking, security, data management, etc. This exploration covers various elements like Enterprise Packages (ERP, ECM, CRM, SCM, etc.), Point Solutions (HR, Recruitment & Talent Management, Accounting, etc.), Specific Usage (Voice, Data Management, etc.), and Industry/Domain Specific Technology (Health care – HIS/EHR, Financial Services – Portfolio Management, etc.); among others.

3.Audience Profiling

In Audience Profiling, we provide insight on attendees participating in competitor’s events or other similar events in same industry. This will help you in targeting attendees of your competing events or closely related trade shows/ events for sponsorships and participation. For any event to be a successful one, it’s very necessary to have a landscape about your competitors’ events or any other events in the industry. This way you can profile the right audience to reach out to market your own event

In today’s fast paced world there is a need to be agile to be the first to reach the customers. However,

  • Finding relevant contacts for expanding your business is a tedious job.
  • Sales & Marketing teams spend around 40% of their time identifying key decision makers and accumulating intelligence

Hence, the task of sourcing the right target contact is tedious and painstaking. While there is a need for

  • Aggregating contact information of relevant roles/titles as per of target prospect
  • Achieving high accuracy and definite validation on contacts across target markets
  • Enabling On-Demand contact Discovery
  • Filling the gaps : Complete contact detail like Name, Title, Phone, Email
  • A global spread of business contacts

There are common roadblocks to building an effective Contact Database capable of contributing to higher marketing ROI

  • Stale, unorganized, incomplete and sometimes redundant data deterring proper execution of sales & marketing campaigns
  • Precious marketing hours are being spent on cleaning the data, which is sure waste of time
  • Incomplete and stale database can also lead to high rate of email bounce and call drops
  • Off-the-self databases offer only selective key executives in certain companies: it’s like having to work it out with what you get and not what you need!
  • Ideally marketers would like to reach out to relevant personnel based on work profile : Role-based list building is lacking in many available database services
  • Lack of global coverage in database: overcoming lingual barriers in order to include more companies, more roles and more nations in marketing data.
  • All the above factors and more make it difficult to justify spend on procuring business data

Contact Discovery of Pleiadez will help you in

  • Customized contact database meeting our clients requirements
  • We provide relevant and verified contact database
  • Increases ROI on Marketing Campaigns and Inside Sales Campaigns

Email Campaigns are lately used as direct marketing your commercial message to your desired target audience. Our Email Campaigns service will work for brand awareness, building loyalty, solicit sales and lastly maintain cordial relationships with clients, customers or partners.

In today’s fast moving space who has time to respond to mail or print messages. As you all now we are in SMARTPHONE generation, so our messages should also be delivered smartly. Research has proven that more than 90% of people access their emails through their smartphones. Email is the best option for reaching out to your audience.

What will we do?

Our services are customized according to your requirements; clients can use our Email Campaigns service for Surveys, Marketing, New Innovations, and targeting to specific and segmented audience.

Through this service you will also be able to have a track of those who have viewed, read or opted out your email. On the reports generated through tracking of email you can follow-up with audience interested with your services.

Why opt for Data Enrichment?

Often due to lack of time and resources, your Sales & Marketing teams might be working on the same old data for generating leads to expand your business. But have you thought of enriching your data? No, Right. Well it’s pretty obvious that it’s not the job of your sales team to enrich your old rotten data. If your sales team will devote their valuable time and efficiency in enriching your data then who will work for getting business for your organization.

For qualified data you will need a trusted source that can work on your behalf for validating and providing you accurate contact database.

Pleiadez specialize in Data Enrichment, through Data Enrichment we can append or add new verified contacts to your database; this will help in smooth functioning in Sales & Marketing activities.

Now you might feel why it is so necessary to have enriched database, when you work is on with your old traditional data.

For example, 30 million out of 138 million employed people in the US switch jobs every year: Building a tracking system to stay updated is a herculean task!

Pleiadez will help you in

  • Ensured customized and validated data
  • Adding up of new contact details including phones, emails, job profiles to your database
  • Monitoring of your database on on-going basis
  • Standardized contact entries

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